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Watt's World Explores Paris' Unique Police

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

And apparently, no one knows this more than the French.

Public urination is such an epidemic in France – particularly in the country's capital – that the Parisian police has a segment of their force dedicated solely to eradicating it.

This pee problem isn't just about public decency, it's about city maintenance. The acid in the urine is eroding doorways, and of course, making the city of love a bit less lovely.

On Tuesday's episode of Watt's World, Nick Watt, an ABC News correspondent turned Travel Channel show host, explores the crime and how officers are trying to stop the spillage.

Watt adds that while the city has a reputation for being snobby, the outdoor elimination epidemic makes Parisians seem a little less intimidating – and a lot more human.

In this exclusive clip, Watt chats with members of the undercover force about the city's pee problem and what happens when the perpetrators get caught.

Watch Watt's World on the Travel Channel on Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST.

What Nick Watt Learned By Traveling the World

For years, Nick Watt has traveled the globe as a journalist for ABC News.

But in his new Travel Channel series, "Watt's World," the TV producer and correspondent had the opportunity to explore places from a completely different perspective.

"I've been traveling a lot since I was was born with my family and then through work... but I think definitely what this trip reinforced was this idea that anywhere you go, if you have the right attitude, can be fun," he told ABC News. "What traveling always does to me is it reminds me what's important in life and to actually have fun."

In the new show, which premieres tonight with back-to-back episodes at 10 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. ET/PT, Watt traveled to places he's always wanted to visit to meet the locals and better understand the culture. With just four other people, he explored everywhere from Cuba to Italy, as well as his adopted hometown of L.A.

Travel Channel’s “Watt’s World” to Debut June 30

U.S. net Travel Channel has set a June premiere for the docuseries Watt’s World, which follows Emmy-award winning journalist Nick Watt on his chase for the truth behind the world’s idiosyncrasies.

The previously announced series shadows the Scottish reporter and producer as he traverses the globe to examine such queries as why some Albanians hang stuffed animals from their window sills and whether living lawless and rent-free in California’s Slab City is more appealing than life in the sleepy Italian countryside of Le Marche.

The 13 x 30-minute series will see Watt travel to a variety of locations such as Albania, France, Cuba, Dominica, Saba and Montserrat, Italy, as well as a number of American states and cities.

“Nick Watt is a great addition to our team of informative storytellers that connect our viewers to the world around us,” said Ross Babbit, senior VP of programming and development for Travel Channel, in a statement.

The Lincoln Square-produced series for Travel Channel bows June 30 with back-to-back episodes starting at 10 p.m.  Executive producers for Watt’s World are Danielle A. Rossen for Lincoln Square Productions and Dale Roy for Travel Channel.