Bill Cosby Accusers Speak Out in A&E Special 'Cosby: The Women Speak'

The women have spoken.

In A&E's hourlong Cosby: The Women Speak special on Thursday, more than a dozen Bill Cosbyaccusers gave intimate interviews sharing their accounts of how they met the entertainer and how and when he sexually assaulted them.

Each woman (some preferring to remain anonymous) sat down in an interviewee's chair and told her side of the story in detail, including giving their age when they met Cosby and what he told them to get them alone in a room.


The Women Speak was produced for A&E by Lincoln Square Productions, with Lincoln's Jeanmarie Condon and Melia Patria serving as executive producers alongside the network's Shelly Tatro and Brad Abramson. Condon and Patria also served as co-directors. This special is the first of four from Lincoln Square airing on A&E.