20/20: In an Instant Episode 3 - “Desert Dog Rescue

Episode 3: “Desert Dog Rescue”

Marathoner Danelle Ballangee was on a training run with her dog, Taz, just outside of Moab, Utah, when she slid on some rocks and fell 60 feet off a canyon wall, landing on her feet and shattering her pelvis.

Deep in the canyon with no one to hear her cries, Ballangee managed to drag herself with just her arms for 5 hours over a quarter of a mile. Temperatures were dropping, her hands were getting frostbitten and she was in shock, but Taz was there to boost her spirts and to keep her warm.

After more than two days in the canyon, she'd all but given up hope - alternating between saving her strength and trying to crawl just a little bit further – even doing crunches to stay warm, despite her crushed bones. Taz started making trips farther away from Danelle, who is convinced he was looking for someone to help save her. She’d later learn that he was the remarkable key to her survival.

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