20/20: In an Instant Episode 2 -“Murder in the Maternity Ward"

Episode 2: “Murder in the Maternity Ward” Jae Lowder checked into Alta View Hospital expecting to have a baby, but soon she was caught in a violent hostage crisis.

Rick Worthington, himself a father of eight, had burst into the hospital demanding to find the doctor who performed a tubal ligation surgery on his wife two years earlier. Worthington erroneously claimed the doctor performed the procedure without his wife’s knowledge or consent while she was sleeping.

New mom Cindy Tovey could only listen to the scene outside her room unfold in terror since she could not move, temporarily paralyzed from the waist down after a C-section. Like Jae Lowder, she spent agonizing hours wondering if her newborn was safe.

Glade Curtis – sharing his story for the first time ever on television - was the doctor Worthington came to kill. He was at Alta View that night and called 911 after doing what he could to get babies out safely. But no one did more to keep moms and babies alive than the nurses – including Margie Wyler who helped a mom deliver her baby during the crisis and Karla Roth who sacrificed her own life in a brave attempt to wrestle a gun away from Worthington.

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