'Watts World' Exclusive: 'New York: Will its Savior be Basketball or Potatoes?'

Does more money actually mean more problems? Is Cuba actually socialist?

These are just two questions Emmy winning journalist Nick Watt hopes to answer in back-to-back new episodes of his breakout Travel Channel series Watts World. Watts World follows Watt’s ventures across the globe as he uses his quick wit and humor to persuade viewers to look at traveling through a new, unique, and unexpected way.

Tomorrow in Travel Channel’s latest string of back-to-back new episodes, Watt makes his way to Havana where he discovers a thriving free market led by the likes of mattress repairmen and male go-go dancers. Later in the night, Watt ventures out to the streets of Harlem and the Hamptons to evaluate the age-old question: Does more money actually mean more problems.