Watt's World Explores Paris' Unique Police

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

And apparently, no one knows this more than the French.

Public urination is such an epidemic in France – particularly in the country's capital – that the Parisian police has a segment of their force dedicated solely to eradicating it.

This pee problem isn't just about public decency, it's about city maintenance. The acid in the urine is eroding doorways, and of course, making the city of love a bit less lovely.

On Tuesday's episode of Watt's World, Nick Watt, an ABC News correspondent turned Travel Channel show host, explores the crime and how officers are trying to stop the spillage.

Watt adds that while the city has a reputation for being snobby, the outdoor elimination epidemic makes Parisians seem a little less intimidating – and a lot more human.

In this exclusive clip, Watt chats with members of the undercover force about the city's pee problem and what happens when the perpetrators get caught.

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