‘Next Step Realty: NYC’ is like ‘Million Dollar Listing’ for millennials

The business-based docu-series follows the passionate and ambitious employees of The Next Step Realty. The Manhattan-based firm specializes in helping recent college graduates find apartments in New York City while navigating the troubles of friendship, love and work.

The promo definitely gives off a “Million Dollar Listing for 20-somethings” vibe. There are 40,000 college grads that move to New York City every year and on “Next Step Realty,” they’re looking at penthouses that run $12,000 per month in rent. Yowza.

But it’s not just the recent grads that live high-powered lives. The realtors are clearly as much a part of the show as the clients. As one handsome young male realtor says, “The easiest clients are the girls. I do well with that demographic.”

We’re sure you do, brown eyes.

“What Would You Do?’s” Danielle Rossen executive produces this new reality series, which premieres Tuesday, Aug. 11 on ABC Family.