This Week on "Save My Life: Boston Trauma” cameras follow two young men after being gunned down in Charlestown

From the producers of critically-acclaimed “Hopkins, “Boston Med,” and “NY Med,” comes “Save My Life: Boston Trauma,” an adrenaline-packed series that follows trauma cases from the actual scene of unimaginable accidents. In this six-part series, viewers will accompany top tier trauma teams inside the emergency rooms and operating rooms of some of the nation’s most prestigious hospitals including the Boston Medical Center, Massachusetts General, and Brigham and Women’s. Lives that could be lost or traumatically damaged in lesser hands at less renowned medical centers are saved through feats of skill and commitment. Some cases begin with the first responders of Boston’s EMS who distinguished themselves at the Boston Marathon bombing more than two years ago. For those needing treatment, one thing is certain, Boston offers some of the best medical care available anywhere. “Save My Life: Boston Trauma,” premieres SUNDAY, JULY 19th at 10:00 PM/ET (10:00-11:00 pm) on the ABC Television Network.

In episode one, cameras follow two young men who are gunned down on Main Street in the close knit Charlestown neighborhood of Boston. After pushing through a crowd of onlookers, the EMS evacuates the two victims to Massachusetts General Hospital where top surgeons wage a heroic battle to save the life of a 17-year old boy. The case takes an unexpected twist that even doctors can't anticipate.

Also in this episode: a nursing student discovers that the driver of the vehicle that hit her is also a nurse; a young mother with two broken legs is concerned about the meatballs she left cooking in the oven; an injured motorcyclist can't resist spouting rap lyrics for a captive audience of doctors and nurses; and a police officer compliments a doctor-in-training who fixes his dislocated knee cap.

With their previous series, the producers pioneered a new form of television—unscripted authentic medical drama. Terence Wrong is the executive producer of “Save My Life: Boston Trauma” and “Boston EMS,” along with the critically-acclaimed “Hopkins, “Boston Med,” and “NY Med.” Erica Baumgart is the senior producer. Andy Genovese, Aysu Grodowski and Alexa Coyle are series producers. Monica DelaRosa is story and digital producer. Carly Stipek is field producer. “Save My Life: Boston Trauma” is produced by ABC’s Lincoln Square Productions for ABC News.